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About Gemini




Gemini Factory was established in 1987,

We are well-known in the cycling industry for producing front fork stems, seat posts, pegs and precision components.

In recent years, we have been aggressively expanding our business scope in related fields, including bending of automobiles, motorcycles, assistive devices, fitness equipment, and metal furniture, etc., injecting momentum into the company to keep growing.

成立30餘年來,秉持「品質至上、顧客滿意、精益求精、永續經營」的信念,伴隨著國內自行車產業由興盛到獨霸全球,展暉一步一腳印建立抽管核心技術及優異的研發、生產能量,並以 GBI 品牌打入全球自行車供應鏈,提供國內外大廠最高品質、最好價格、最快交期的產品。

Gemini had been founded for more than 30 years and always uphold the belief of

“Superior quality, customer satisfaction, pursuing perfection, sustainable management”.

We accompany with domestic bicycle industry from prosperous to dominate the world, and gradually establish the core technique of the draw tube, excellent research and development and produce energy.

We get into a global bicycle supply chain by the GBI brand, and provide domestic and international top factories with highest quality, best price, and fastest delivery product.




Now, we have already become a professional OEM company which has cut tubes, draw tubes, bend tubes, HT, CNC process a whole manufacturing production line.


The advantage of abundant producing experience and broad-based research development and customization make us except bicycle application, we also can get into the related tube of car, heavy motorcycle and refit. The applied material also expands to a stainless steel material from the aluminum alloy, and gradual develops toward more diversified, large-scale and high value added route.

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